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Rustling and splashing Pavlínino Valley

A trip for all children. Pavlína údolí is a natural gem, worth a trip. In the autumn time twice. FROM Jetřichovice you can take the red or 'drive to the parking lot of the local natural swimming pool (1km) and direct their steps up the river Chribska Kamenice in the valley Pavlínina. ca. 3,5 km journey kaňonovým Valley, created by Rick Cretaceous sandstones from the cold, Rynartice and Jetřichovice, enchants.

For children there are big and small rocks, reminiscent of anything by fantasy. Grieselova neighborhood pond with former mill (Now really looking building), Rusalka's cave, bridges and bridges, and of course attractive River full of stones and life.

Cottíkův tip:
If children last, You can make a circuit through Rynartice (7 km, then blue) or go back along the same path.


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