Trip Bohemian Switzerland

List of whole trips with photos and introduction in English. You are invite to visit the National park Bohemian Switzerland. If you prefere trip with local guide Ales, please look here.


1st day in Bohemian Switzerland - Pravcicka Gate

Pravcicka gate
Edmunds Gorge
Lynx tour

How to spend a single day in the Bohemian Switzerland?  Tip to hike about 13 km away. Start at Mezni Louka - Hrensko  (you can park the car for 100 CZK / day, the toilet is athotel Mezni Louka, outside the parking place). In infomtion center" U Forta" supplies the water and some snack. You can go for a hiking along the red tourist trail (Gabrielle trail) to Pravcicka gate. The walking to Pravcicka gate approximately  70 minutes.

4th day in Bohemian Switzerland - Fairytale Dolsky mill

From the village Vysoka Lipa  walk down the church stairs (the blue  trail - 1km) to the river Kamenice, where you will discover an old mill. Cultural Heritage Dolsky mill is so mysterious that it is often chosen filmmakers to shoot fairy tales.  Breathe up the atmosphere and listening to the melody of the river. After that walk by the blue trail to the oldest iron-conrete bridge in the Czech Republic (walk 500m) and further upstream river level Jetrichovicka Bela to  village in Jetrichovice.  From Jetrichovice ride on a tourist bus to Krasna Lipa and Decin.

Glassworks AJETO Lindava

Glassworks AJETO Lindava near Novy Bor is far from the Bohemian Switzerland, about 20 minutes by car. When you visit your chance to see how hot molten glass material in the hands of master glassmakers changes in the delicate beauty. Who wants to he or she can work glassmakers and try using a blowpipe creates glass product. 

There is alsostylish Glass tavern Ajeto.


Opening hours glassworks:

April - September

Monday - Friday 9.00 to 13.00 hours

Saturday in irregular mode

The picturesque town with a castle Stolpen

If you go by car through the border crossing Dolni Poustevna / Sebnitz and continue direction Neustadt in Sachsen, 20 km outside the town of Stolpen encounter with the eponymous castle.

Stolpen Castle was built in the 12th century. It is interesting that in the 18th century there was almost a lifetime prisoner Countess Cosel, which have been filmed fairy tale. At the castle you will find a typical historic objects (weapons, instruments of torture, ...), and a good cafeeee.

Let´s go to Jedlova

Whether it is winter or summer, a trip to hill Jedlova is beautiful in every season. In winter you take a sleigh ride down in the summer on a rented scooter.

The starting point is the newly renovated square in Jiretin pod Jedlovou. We go uphill the green trail towards the Cross Mountain (574 meters, Krizovy vrh). The Spirit breathes history on our way to top, the Chapel of the Holy Cross.

Trip to the secret nature of the National Park

The Bohemian Switzerland National Park are secret place where discover protected plants. Kyjov Valley (3 km from Krasna Lipa) is a 5 km long rocky canyon, which is densely forested and on both sides it is surrounded by sandstone rocks. Křinice river flowing through the valley provides shelter to various animals and plants protected. Křinice side of the inaccessible ravines complementary streams, such as Bright Stream at the signpost "Under the flags". You can leave the marked red trail to the left towards the rocky massif called Treasury. For example, in this ravine they hold so.