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Tour with guide to the National park Bohemian Switzerland from your hotel in the National park region


MTB tour with guide

Do you want to go mountain biking tour Lusatian Mountains and National Parks Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland? Ales certified guide with you passes crisscross the region. Think of the program together, trips, entertainment, restaurants and accommodation. It all depends on your requirements and your group.


Daily e-bike tour Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland

"Perfect cycling without the sweaty T-shirts"

Try the electric bike, ride through the countryside, relax uphill and downhill


09 am  Krasna Lipa or your hotel in Bohemian Switzerland

10 am Kyjovské Valley 

11 am Hinterhermsdorf - Saxon Switzerland

12 am  river Krinice river valley with a tram throught the rocks, Bad Scandau - spa town in Saxony

01 pm village Hrensko - a small town on the river Kamenice, Elbe canyon

02 pm Cottage Na Tokana - hunting lodges Count Kinsky

Afternoon rides on e-bike Bohemian-Saxon Switzerland

"Cycking without sweaty T-shirts"

Try the electric bicycle, ride through the countryside, relax uphill and downhill

every Friday,  Saturday, Sunday

(included in the e-bike guide, beer)

Start: 17:00 Krasna Lipa - Square (approx goal 20:00)

River Krinice over Kyjov´s valley, a picturesque village - Hinterhermsdorf lookout Weifberg, full settlement of wooden cottages - Kopec (snacks), Krasna Lipa

Looking forward Ales

Price: 490 CZK