Krasna Lipa

Krasna Lipa is a town with about 3,600 inhabitants and is situated in the northeastern from Prague. It is the centre  of  the National park Bohemian Switzerland

Krasna Lipa was founded at the end of the 13th century. The first settlers were probably 30 families of colonists from Upper Franconia. The first written record dates from 1361, when, as the owner of the village is documented Vanek of Wartenberg. With the advent of Lutheranism is Krasna Lipa in 1551 mentioned as a Lutheran. The roughly 100 years later, followed by a full return to Catholicism. In 1731 the village was Emperor Charles VI. promoted to township, at the same time develop the production and processing of textiles. The advancement of the city occurred in 1870 when textile production has already had an industrial character. Besides the development of the industry is the second half of the 19th century also associated with the development of tourism, August 23, 1885 in Krasna Lipa was founded Mountain Club for North Bohemia, who advocated the creation of tourist infrastructure. In 1910 the city had about 7,000 inhabitants, due to the post-war expulsion of the number fell from 1945 to around 3100. Since 2000, the city is the seat of the National park Bohemien Switzerland.  There is local brewery, chocolate shop, several coffees and restaurant. There is posible to sleep in hotel Resort or in several pensions.

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