Daily e-bike tour Bohemian and Saxon Switzerland

"Perfect cycling without the sweaty T-shirts"

Try the electric bike, ride through the countryside, relax uphill and downhill


09 am  Krasna Lipa or your hotel in Bohemian Switzerland

10 am Kyjovské Valley 

11 am Hinterhermsdorf - Saxon Switzerland

12 am  river Krinice river valley with a tram throught the rocks, Bad Scandau - spa town in Saxony

01 pm village Hrensko - a small town on the river Kamenice, Elbe canyon

02 pm Cottage Na Tokana - hunting lodges Count Kinsky

03 pm village Doubice - sockets

04 pm  back

Price negotiated, (include e-bicycle, guide, drink)

Looking forward  Guide Ales


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