2nd day in Bohemian Switzerland - Jetrichovice viewpoints

What are you goint to do the next day in the Czech Switzerland? Look out Jetrichovice´s  walls and go down on a scooter?

Set out from the village Jetrichovice and walk to Mariina viewpoint  with the prospect (428m). Elevation is 200m from Jetrichovice. Ypu will walk along old sanatorium for children. After the sand-strewn path up the stairs and follow up between the stones. For 30 minutes, you see the peak. "Mary" is upon you. The prospect can be overcome with their children, the journey along the steep iron stairs (about 5 minutes). Views are definitely worth it.

You continue along the red tourist mark  over the Wilhelmina prospect of a crossroads at Purkarticke road. After you will  go towards hunting huts on Tokani (2 km). There is  restaurant  Tokani  (it is also open in  off-season, more: www.tokan.cz)  

You can rent a scooter (125 - adult, 75 - child) and easily go down to the information center Saula, village Doubice or back to Jetrichovice.




Tip: You can also absolovat with children. Smaller children can go with you on a scooter.


4 km walk

6 km on a scooter